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Our Trainer

Mr. Simon Ng

(Blackbelt Simon)

Simon Ng Teck Meng is the founder of Dynamic Team Holdings, an organisation that believes in innovative training for personal development through experiential and participative learning. In July 1999, Simon Ng was recognised for his creative and impactful learning experiences by Motorola University at Schaumburg, Chicago. Simon also holds a 4th Degree Black-Belt Instructor Certificate in Taekwon-Do.

He developed and founded the “Empowerment of the Black-Belt Team”, a comprehensive and experiential programme designed to develop a spirit of “oneness” and team cohesiveness among participants. He emulates the principles of the various “senseis” which are the foundation of Martial Arts, as his core training methodology – an equation of participative and output learning. Simon himself is a Martial Arts practitioner and teacher.

“The Empowerment of the Black-Belt Team” programme which takes a holistic approach to leading people and organizations to success makes people realize the need for teamwork, change and commitment to survive these trying times.

Simon believes that Corporations and Institutions today need to shift from “Management of Crises” to “Leading by Vision and Mission”. But before an organization can make this transition, the people must be a cohesive team.

Simon strongly subscribes to active learning which makes the learning process fun and an ‘adventure’ instead of the conventional passive classroom-style of ‘I lecture, you listen’. The only means of maintaining participants’ attention and retention in seminars or workshop is through participation – an active interaction between facilitator and participants. This is an open secret, the secret of The Black-Belt Leader!