Most of you will come to this stage wanting to find out what exactly an experiential workshop is. Experiential is a long word for something that we are as familiar with as our own names; a meaning that finds its expression and power in experience. Simply put, experiential can be defined as learning by doing. An experiential workshop focuses on one’s ability to better learn and understand concepts by experiencing them in a hands-on fashion.

As we begin to look at how our patterns and thoughts overlap with those around us, the experiential approach allows participants to call upon a lifetime of skill. The great philosopher, Plato, was a proponent of learners obtaining the greatest personal good and acquiring the maximum impact for their effort by involving themselves in the process, .

“Tell me, and I will forget; Show me, and I may remember; Involve me and I will understand…”

Studies show that experiential workshop participants retain up to 80% of the experience. This is an astonishing figure compared with the 30% retention rate associated with non-experiential (didactic) instruction method. Lower yet is our reading retention ability at 10%.

The experiential workshop creates an atmosphere in which team members can practice and experience new ways of thinking rather than merely hearing about them through passive learning. Participants are engaged in an active learning process and; therefore, obtain an enhanced retention rate because they are creating their own experience by being involved. By taking uncommon scenarios and exploring the associated behaviors, participants are able to draw parallels between that which they have created as a team and that in which they currently operate.

Workshops with an experiential focus not only aim to provide your group with an exceptional experience, but an opportunity for skill building and development as well. Participants walk away with a sense of accomplishment and perhaps may uncover a new interest or hidden talent. Being a part of an experiential based workshop allows for a sensory imprint to take place. The experience is self and group generated and; therefore, the memory can recall the lessons learned during the workshop with ease.

EMPOWERMENT OF THE BLACK-BELT TEAM enables you to imagine what it would be like to involve yourself and your group in a workshop that engages that which is natural in each of us. We are specialists in outcome-oriented experiences and work closely with corporations to create a customized workshop. Each group has its own characteristics and unique focus points and our team works creatively to develop team’s experience.